Causes of wrinkles on the surface of PVC Steel Wire Hose


1. The temperature of the PVC Steel Wire Hose mouth mold is uneven, and the uneven temperature will cause uneven heating of the production materials. Check the heating ring to ensure that it is evenly nested in the  mouth mold.
2. The cooling effect is not good. The hose is not sufficiently cooled after production, so the temperature of the cooling water should be lowered to completely cool it.
3. The traction speed is not suitable, and the traction speed will affect the surface finish. The traction speed should be adjusted.
4. The material has impurities, and the impurities in the production raw materials will cause defects on the surface of the hose and produce wrinkles. The raw materials must be replaced.

5. The temperature of the fuselage and components is low. If the temperature is too low, the production process will affect the processing quality. The temperature of the fuselage and components should be increased.

PVC Steel Wire Hose